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Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin – What Are They?

Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin: Dash With the increasing popularity of Dash, many new investment opportunities are also being discovered almost every single day. In this article, we will be identifying and discussing the top three leading cryptosporadic currencies other than Dash. The first being Monero which has recently achieved a new all time high of over $1 billion in daily transaction volume. Its increasing popularity is mainly due to its privacy and anonymous transaction services.

Second on the list is Doge, with a recent spike of over two thousand units in just under two weeks. Doge is mainly done as a joke by its users, but it has become quite popular as an actual investment vehicle. With a low demand for bitcoins, this one does not have much of a chance of growing very large. Next on the list is Vitalikiss which is currently valued at almost ten billion dollars. This one is mostly being purchased online and has recently gone through a large raise of fifty million doge per Doge. Vitalikiss was designed as a test run for other digital currencies before becoming a serious attempt at mainstream use.

Third, is Ripple, which was recently ranked as the fifth most important digital currency by ACN. Unlike many other currencies, ripple had very low transaction fees, which makes it a very attractive option for small investors. The low transaction fees makes it the perfect option for anyone that wants to get into the market without investing thousands of dollars right off the bat. One major advantage of ripple is that it uses a mathematical algorithm instead of a traditional diamond style algorithm like most other cryptosurfs do.

On the other hand, there are some major disadvantages of ripple aside from the fact that it only has a tiny market cap. First, ripple is largely untraceable meaning that you will never really know what you are investing in. Also, it is quite old compared to the other leading cryptosurfs such as Namecoin and Cryptogenic. As a result, if something goes wrong with ripple you will be unable to make any type of transaction because all transactions are done with the public key that belongs to an unknown person. While there are still some developers that are working on making things transparent, this feature is not very likely to become a standard in the future.

Finally, the last four currencies I am going to mention are Litecoin, etherium, doge, and vertcoin. These are the more popular choices of individuals that are looking to invest in a wide range of currencies that are all leading cryptosurfs. These are also the most heavily traded as well, which can probably be attributed to their popularity. Both litecoin and thorium are mined naturally while doge and vert are minted coins. While this doesn’t give you much of an advantage over other platforms, these are by far the best if you want to get in on the ground floor with one or more of these top-notch currencies.

Do I think we should ditch the USDT for these top four? At this point in time, no, I don’t think we absolutely have to. But it would certainly help me to have a base to compare them to. By having a list of the major cryptosurfs and their relative size, I will be able to determine when to get in or when to get out depending on my risk level. As it stands right now, I am hedged in a very strong position with doge, vert, and litecoin because they have the greatest combined liquidity, growth, and transaction fees. This is good news for the average investor!


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